NBA Live Mobile

Task Overview

Design and launch multiple game features, systems and live contents. Features: PVP system, league board system, store layout redesign, talent buff system,and customization system.

Plan improvement scheme for NBA Live Mobile localization in China using competitiveanalysis and tear down of Best NBA.

Design marketing strategy for daily pack resulting in 2x revenue boost and utilized pastpurchase data to optimize in-app store presentation and pricing strategies.

Establish a reactive content process of real-time NBA roster changes/trades/signings.

Golden Tickets

When I work in NBA Live mobile team, I find that there exist three problems that decrease user experience.

Firstly, users don’t have enough ways to communicate with our team, especially the design team. It lead to lack of feedback(compare to some successful game products in Asia, they do a good job in social media, they maintain a good connection with users/ feel like users’ friend/ listen to your demand and requirement)

Secondly, user feel like there is one way of achievement, which is to compete in arena and get higher rank. If they experience a few setbacks, they will feel defeated and lack of motivation.

Thirdly, marketing Strategy seldom change(open loot box, get a high OVR player, almost the same)

So I help with launching this golden ticket plan which lead to 2x daily revenue. When user open loot box, they have chances to get a Golden ticket, which invite users to collaborate with designers to design a customized player. We build a survey to help users submit their customized demands for players. Give users freedom while it is still under our current framework and numeric system. Users can decide classic or active/ choose player name/ player type/ boost attribute/ card back Give this golden ticket player to the user and later sell this player in our store(show the name of designer on the card, to let them have feeling of achievement and involvement)

Customization Features

Our users are fans of NBA teams and they want have closer connection with the players they have. However before this launch, they don’t even have any ways to customize their own team in game which can will make it feel more personalized and closer. In this design, user can easily drag and drop a jersey/court card to swap.

There are three reason why I use this control. One reason I use this control is because users used to the same control to swap players, it would be very intuitive for users who are familiar with our game before.

Second reason, when user drag card into the slot, it clearly show a big preview image there.

Thirdly, since one card can not be dragged into two slots, it naturally avoid the conflicts of using same jersey for Home and Away.

However, this design is not perfect, there are still some parts are not strong enough. For example, User can not see what they currently don’t have. User find it hard to arrange so many belongings in a row. These two weakness are not good for monetization.

Let me show a mock that I do in adobe after effect for customization future plan. It is like a pokedex. not only show the information of the jersey they have but also show what they don’t have. As a user, when I am interested in a locked jersey, I can click on the button under that jersey to jump to the compaign/store/set page to know how to get/buy the jersey easily without any friction.

As a user I want to sort the jerseys and courts, I can click on the dropdown button and see all the filters that I can choose from. They help me efficiently find out what exactly I want.

The shortcoming of this design is that it break the consistency of control which is less intuitive. And it is new system which require more engineer support.