I enjoy designing and developing games. And I like to try creative ideas in my games.

Nian is coming

Participate in Chinese legend as two guests battle against the fabled monster known as the Nian. One guest takes on the role of kite flyer, as they direct their dragon kite, which the other guest is flying on while the other guest throws fireworks down on the Nian.

Magic war

I independently developed this JavaScript card game, it is called Magic war. Guests can use different magic card and unique skill to fight against their opponents.

In the void

The guest flies a spaceship through a galaxy in their own room using just their gaze! Their goal is to help a robot collect enough star dust from the nearby planets to return home, while enjoying an out-of-this-world experience.

Whale of Eternity

A whale crossing the end of the world.

Cake Skate

Skate on the Omni and deliver the cake to the wedding in Oculus!

Death Hotel

I independently designed and developed this horror game and its background is an old hotel with lots of puppets. Players can walk around and find some important hints to discover horrible truth and avoid being killed.