Group and crowd animation of Butterflies

Platform: Unity 3D       Language: C#

Group and crowd animation is an important research hotspot in the field of computer animation. It is significant of behavior simulation of insect swarm, which can be applied to education, scientific research, disaster monitoring, entertainment and other fields. With relying on group animation technology, this design project simulated the group behavior of swarm, such as migration, and developed an interactive virtual reality application. By optimizing the algorithm and testing, the high frame rate can be kept up to meet the frame rate requirement of the virtual reality hardware, even though there are large quantities of insects in the simulation. Through shader programming, the rapid and high-quality insects and scene rendering are achieved. In the application, users can interact with insects in real time, such as observe, attack, and lure them. Fine scenery, simple operation model and nice music are designed as a teaching tool for students, or an entertainment product for all ages of people.

Traditional Chinese Painting Shader

Platform: Unity 3D

In order to show traditional Chinese painting effect, I implement two main functions. One function is the edge detection, Edge = Dot( Normal , View ), which is used to draw black lines of the mountain to show the edges. Another function is change the colors. Considering there are not many colors are used in traditional Chinese paintings, I reduce the categories of color by merging similar colors. I utilize some images with Chinese brush textures to enhance the textures of the edges of the color blocks.

Crystal Shader on Horse

Platform: Unity 3D

In order to implement the visual effect of crystal I have to raytrace both reflections and refractions. I use a indoor CubeMap to provide the surrounding color and use R = I - 2.f * N * dot(I, N) to get the directions of reflections and use the Snell's Law to get the directions of refraction light. Then I use Schlick’s approximation R(θ) = R0 + (1 - R0)(1 - cosθ)⁵ to combine the effects of reflections and refractions.

Lighting Simulation Shader

Platform: Unity 3D

I use the model's normal information to do the texture sampling in order to simulate the lighting effects. I can change different textures to create various lighting effects.

Snow Particle Effect & Snow Shader

Platform: Unity 3D

The core algorithm is o.Color = step(1-_Snow,v.normal.y)*fixed3(1,1,1), which makes the parts like dog's back and head covered with snow. I can change the _Snow to enlarge the parts with snow.

Knit Fabric Shader on Cat

Platform: Unity 3D

According to the cat's grid data, I use each triangle on it to generate a outward-pointing "pyramid" with fabric texture to make the cat's surface look like knit fabric.

Deep Ocean Shader

Platform: Unity 3D

Generate ripples on different layers and simulate refraction effects.