Death Hotel

Engine: Unity       Platform: PC or Oculus       Duration: 2 months       Language: C#

In order to know what makes horror games scary and the methods that are used within a game to scare the player. I tried several popular horror games.

Death Hotel is designed to be a 3D game and it can be played on PC or with VR devices. The background is an abandoned hotel. Players will instantly understand it is a dangerous and spooky place. In horrors it is the things that are left unsaid that will engage the player's imagination. For example, in Silent Hill 3, players will find some area covered in a thick fog so they cannot see if there is anything in front of them until it is too late. So in Puppet hotel, players can only see things with dim light, which enhances the terrible atmosphere. Horror games need a sense of anticipation. In puppet hotel, the player can get some clues by interactions with the items.