Halloween Run

Engine: Unity       Platform: Kinect       Duration: 2 weeks       Language: C#

Using Microsoft Kinect, help a kid escape from a haunted Halloween castle. Use the mystical powers of candy to gain a SUGAR RUSH to run faster and avoid Halloween-themed obstacles.

A group of kids enter a Haunted Castle in a search of candy on Halloween. However, the spirits inside the castle spook them and they run away, accidentally leaving someone behind. Now, this kid (you) has to run through the haunted Halloween castle. Use the Microsoft Kinect to shift left and right, jump, and slide to avoid Halloween-themed obstacles in your way. These obstacles include pumpkins, bats, suits of armor, and ghosts. By raising your right fist, you can punch these ghosts and steal their candy, gaining a SUGAR RUSH. You will then speed up and be invincible for a short while. You have 5 lives to build up your score and make it to the end of the run.