Nian is coming

Engine: Unity       Platform: Oculus×2       Duration: 2 weeks       Language: C#

Participate in Chinese legend as two guests battle against the fabled monster known as the Nian. One guest takes on the role of kite flyer, as they direct their dragon kite, which the other guest is flying on while the other guest throws fireworks down on the Nian.

Chinese myth tells of a powerful monster that comes around every year during the spring festival to try and eat people. He takes a particular interest in children, and both players take on the role of a child being hunted by the Nian. Legend tells of only two things that can weaken the Nian—fireworks and the Chinese Dragon. One guest will take on the role of a child riding on a Chinese dragon kite inside the town plaza. Their job is to use their firework arsenal to deal damage to the Nian, which is attacking them. The other player is in charge of directing and moving the kite to an optimal location for hitting the Nian. The game reaches a climax when the Nian starts using fire attacks against the guests, and they must gather a special firework from Chinese lanterns being sent up into the sky by the villagers in order to deliver the coup de gras to the Nian.